DIAN, K. Milios OE is a small private company, operating in Athens, Greece for about 30 years, as training providers to certain target groups of adults. Among them are trainees with low skills, who decided to increase their skills level, in order to be included in the work market. In our project the low skilled persons are ex-prisoners and the new skills that they are going to acquire are ICT applications for which there is a demand in the work market. The trainees will acquire also the necessary knowledge, if the trainees decide to start and operate legally a new small company offering services on the subject. DIAN has developed in the past relevant training material for similar target groups for their face to face training. This material could be adapted accordingly, to meet the needs for e-learning and for continuing learning at regional, national and European level


We organize activities to increase skills of disadvantaged target groups with our full time experienced educators 22 staff :

a) Development of training material especially for Adult trainees, in different subjects, according to the training needs of the specific target group

b) Organising and implementing e-learning or face to face training.

c) Production of Educational Books (printed or e-books)

d) Dissemination at Local, National or European Level, to about 120 Collaborating Organisations from almost all the Europe Also, we have organized and supervised the dissemination and the sustainability activities of EU projects through our extensive net of collaborators (120 collaborators in 24 European countries), through the Social media and through actions to concrete Organizations and Associations of the Public and the private sector at European level. It also has a publishing department with more than 70 publications in Greek and other European languages on educational and training